Trip Planning Fees

Up to 4 Days

$149* for weekends or trips up to 4 days.

Take a weekend or extended weekend trip of your choice. Once you arrive at your destination, have peace of mind that all the details have been thought out by us from how you get to your hotel to confirmed meal reservations.

5 to 7 Days

$500* - flat rate.

We'll plan out a full week trip for you to your destination choice, local or abroad. We can make sure you don't miss any must-sees while also recommending some ideas only locals would know of.

8 to 14 Days


$800* - flat rate

Have more time to spare and more sights to see? We'll work out all the details for you, even if you're thinking of visiting more than one city. Extended hotels, car reservations, and guided tours are all available.

More Than 2 Weeks

Custom pricing. Ready to take the trip of a lifetime? If you're looking to stay in one location or travel across the world, we will plan every incredible moment for you.


Where do you want to go? Fill out this questionnaire so we can provide you with a perfect trip customized to your needs.

Your itinerary** includes full day planning, created after consultation and follow-up questions:

  • US State Department recommendations, border, visa and Covid-19 regulations
  • Directions from airport (rented car, public transportation or arranged driver)
  • Recommended Hotel(s)
  • Daily activities planned and booked
  • Restaurant recommendations (and reservations, if needed)
  • Mid-journey support

** Includes fully planned itenerary, based on consultation. First revision to itinerary at no charge. Additional changes $30 per revision.

* Based on full days of planning that would include meals, activities and tours, transportation, and hotel/accommodations. Our fees are solely "Trip Planning Fees" and do not include costs for flights, accommodations, meals, tours, or any other travel expenses.

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